Welcome to the Eurobodalla Woodcraft Guild (Woodies) site.

The sign at our temporary workshop.


About the Club

The aims of the club are to :

* Foster an interest in the artistic merits of fine woodworking, especially with young people in the local community

* Organise and/or participate in educational events to improve the skill levels of those interested in the craft of woodworking

* Use our woodcraft skills and equipment to benefit local charities and community groups

* Provide a forum for mutual advice, help and problem-solving for members.



The Guild is a non profit organisation whose activities include:

* Making toys for under-privileged children which are donated to various organisations at Christmas

 * Providing woodcrafts to aid fund raising for other charitable organisations, e.g. provision of items for raffles

 * Providing educational lectures and demonstrations, and where appropriate, inviting neighbouring woodworking and other interested   community  groups to participate

  * Producing and selling woodwork items in order to accumulate funds for the purchase of materials and woodworking equipment to assist in meeting the Guild’s objectives and activities.

                                                               Contacts             President :     Helmut Delrieux 44786816
                                                                                Vice President :  David Smith 0402 354 948                                                        
Secretary :     Eric Simes 0418 655 588
                                                                                Treasurer :      Peter McDowell  0428 428 856                                                                                                                                                 Assistant Treasurer :   David Smith   0402 354 948

 email us :

 PO Box 1186 Batemans Bay 2536
ABN 13 962 346 892



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