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Around the Workshop

Health and Safety
As in all organisations now, the Guild has and OH&S Officer who keeps an eye on potential safety concerns around the workshop.
Safe work practices and use of Personal Protection Equipment are at the top of his list!

Personal safety is of  primary concern in the workshop and all members are expected to use the personal protection equipment available when using machinery.

There is an extensive dust extractor system through out the workshop. This is a small part of the system protecting the health of Guild members.

Morning Tea and Lunch
Morning tea and lunch are very important times to the Woodies. All machinery must be turned off , everyone sits in a circle , talks about their projects, the tools they are using or the state of the world. In winter there's the pig to keep us warm and the good old cut down drum!


Wood Storage

 Once upon a time slabbed wood was stored just outside the shed. However this became problematic when the collection of wood started to outgrow the available space.
The Gold Colony came to the rescue and allocated a piece of ground where the Woodies could build a roof and store slabs until they were ready to use. Ralph Vine retired as' wood keeper' and Paul Freestone took over. In deference to Ralph's past dedication the new area has been named after him. A new sign is on the way.

Paul has refined the wood collection by naming all the wood and providing potential craftsmen with detailed descriptions of their use.
The Silky Oak slabs below were from Belowra.

The Woodies have often been offered a tree that has been taken down. If it is of acceptable quality and type it is brought back to the Colony for slabbing and storage. The Woodies have made several trips out to Belowra to collect She Oaks from the Thompson property on the river. For more on slabbing click here.

Work Space

For some time it has become quite apparent that the workshop is a little crowded and more space between machines was needed.
Some reworking of the site footprint was required as well as repositioning the machinery within the new space!

Before you start anything there has to be a discussion.

No excuse for not putting clamps away where they belong.

The clubs collection of books have a new home in a much more acessible place away from the hustle and bustle of the sink!
Is there room for a library chair boys? Perhaps not.Just asking.

There is still more work to be done!
Watch this space!

Modified:July 2017