All of our supplies of slabbed wood were destroyed by the fire of 2020 and our members have been busy processing new timber slabs.
Since the fires, property owners have been cleaning up their land and
have needed to remove damaged and dangerous trees.
As a consequence the club has been inundated with offers of timber.
Our member Nina is one of those who found it necessary to take down a tree.
Nina did not want to see this valuable resource burnt for firewood so she contacted the slabbing team.
Nina was' hands on' and can be seen helping to place the log ready for slabbing.

At Nina's place.



Since the fires that ran all through the Eurobodalla Shire the Woodies have been offered all kinds of timber.
Most of it has made its way to Dave's place for slabbing and storing until we have a home of our own.
Some of the wood we will be waiting to use ;Radiata Pine,useful for work benches,Spotted Gum, good for furniture and turning,
Silky Oak ,boxes and furniture,White Cedar,turning,Stringy bark and Peppercorn.
Slabbing has been going on for weeks! Everyone has been energised by the opportunity to replace what was lost!

Slabbing at Dave's place.

FA Kit.Just in case!


Dave loves his little toy. It is very useful and saves a lot of angst when moving large and very heavy logs into position

The bright and shiny toolbox with everything you need .



Helmut's turn at the helm.


 A well earned break.


This log is part of a tree that came from Durras Fire Shed.
Unfortunately for the beauty it was just too close and had grown HUGE.


This timber on the left is destined for work benches etc in our new shed. On the right ,preparation of spacers
makes the day go smoothly.

Some of the stacks!

Helmut is holding a freshly slabbed piece of peppercorn.A beautiful pink now, but it will change to a brown.However,when it is worked  i.e. sanded etc it will reveal it's beautiful pink colours once again!