Christmas 2021
Dunns Ck Road

For a couple of years John Clement had thrown down a challenge for members to make something out of a specific piece of wood of which he was to judge the result .However, this year he was not available.The lack of a challenge was commented on at the November meeting and halfheartedly dismissed for this year. A comment made by a member spurred Susanne Page to declare a challenge.
Challenge Declared
This year the challenge was to make something that would fit in a matchbox as pictured below.
With only a couple of weeks to go members arrived on the day with some very interesting objects.

There were four prizes for the categories of

The Best of the Best, The Most Imaginative, The Tiniest of All and The Quirkiest.
Actually a bottle of wine for best of the Best and a certificate for the others.

The entries were



See the December Newsletter for the result.

Christmas 2020
Durras Community Hall

Good food is always the highlight of a Woodie Xmas.

Show and Tell

Even though the Woodies haven't been meeting in the one place we are still creating!


The Woodie of the year award is in honour of Don Lee. The original was destroyed in the fire of 2020.
Peter McDowell fashioned a new one.
This year's Woodie of the Year is  Eric Simes who has put in an extraordinary effort as Secretary since the fires, contacting all manner of people with regard to donations and grants as well as negotiating to secure a site for our new shed.

Christmas 2019
(Our last Christmas at our Mogo Goldfields shed.)


The Challenge
The challenge for 2019 was to make a wall hanging out of She Oak slabbed by the members from timber collected from Belowra.
Many had a terrible time with splitting and breaking up. Eric reminded everyone that the first settlers found that it was perfect for roof shingles!

Encouragement award to our new member who has only being doing wood work since he joined he Woodies.


Left,John extolled the virtues of the mirror made by Dave Smith, the winner of the challenge!

Runner up.
 Although Nick Stone's art work wasn't strictly speaking a wall hanging, it did hang.

2019 Woodie of the Year
John Tanner

Helmut thanked John for his continued mentoring and teaching of members interested in learning the skills of turning and tool sharpening.

Christmas 2018

Woodie of the Year
Don Geeves

Don Geeves was chosen as Woodie of the Year 2018 for his skill and willingness to breath new live into aging machinery.Don has saved the club thousands of dollars as well as saving very useful machinery from the scrap heap.
Don accepted the 'Woodie of the Year' trophy with humility saying he didn't think that what he had done was anything special because he loves to fix things.

Barry Corrigan
Barry received a certificate of Honorary membership of the Woodies for over 20 years of membership.

Maureen Nathan owner of The Original Gold Rush Colony gave a speech to the membership.

From the left,Georgina,Maureen Nathan, Bob Kolderie and Maureen's husband Pierre.
So who was the adolescent who 'rabbit eared' Bob?


Everyone was asked to say what they were bringing, a savoury or sweet dish in order to achieve a balance. However not everyone wrote down what they were bringing. In the end as always, it didn't matter.There was plenty to eat and some to take away!
Those with a sweet tooth were spoilt for choice.
The spinners,woodies wives and friends chatted,discussed and enjoyed the delicious fare on offer. A great day was had by all!

The River of Art
May 2018

This year the Woodies became a part of the River of Art Trail which ran through all 3 major towns of the Eurobodalla and everywhere in between.This was our first year and unfortunately a glitch meant the Woodies weren't included in the brochure which documented the Art trail and as a result we didn't have many visitors.
The Woodies opened up the workshop for 2 days.
A display of the Woodies craftsmanship was laid out on the workbench and a few members worked on projects.
Members of the public were able to observe the Woodies in action and ask questions.



Christmas 2017

It was decided that the Guild would have their Christmas get together at the shed this year as last year's event was so successful.
Everyone contributed with either a sweet or a savoury dish and there were no double ups!
The new deck proved invaluable. The open nature of the new addition meant that the food was on the same level as the seating and there were plenty of places to sit.
The weather was superb!



Left - Des Jeffery has been unwell and unable to come to the Woodies for some time so it was lovely to see him at the party.
Des was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation as a past president and long serving member as well as recognition of many years of service with the club .

Special guests Denny Keeler and her daughter Mandy.
One of our most respected and loved members, Arthur Keeler passed away recently and it was only fitting that some of his family should be present at the Woodies Christmas gathering.

The Box Challenge

John Clement threw out a challenge to make a box out of one piece of wood. The wood in question was a length of Pacific Maple such as that used for door jams. The club had acquired a stack of approx 900mm long.
As members mumbled and struggled with this most ungainly piece of wood there was born out of the members' workshops many
 and varied ,imaginative and artistic boxes. Art Keeler would have been most impressed and proud of his former students!
John was impressed.His challenge was to choose the best!


This is an amazing box - storage is under the deck!

Helmut Delrieux,the winner of the box challenge.


Everyone took the time to marvel at all the different styles of boxes and ask how did they do that? Especially Malcolm's mystery box.

Members have already asked for a new challenge for next year. Plans are afoot!

Woodie of the Year

This year the task of choosing Woodie of the Year was taken from the President by the committee because it was unanimous that this year the honour belonged to Peter Mc Dowell our President!
Peter's building skill and knowledge and suggestions from members has seen tremendous improvements in the workshop layout.Peter has had a cast of thousands willing and able to execute the plans. Nearly all members have learned new skills from the experience.
This latest evolution of the Woodcraft Guild's work space has been as momentous as the move to the Goldfields in 2010.
Peter deserves to put his feet up for a while!!

Earlier this year

The 30 Year Anniversary Celebration !

Eurobodalla Woodies turned 30 this year. A celebration was held at the Diggers Rest at the Gold Rush Colony Mogo on 26th July. 
The first president of the Eurobodalla Woodies was Peter Walsh.
There have been 12 presidents in 30 years.

Chris Birks gave Audrey Newman a lift to the Diggers Rest from the car park.


Members poured over photographs from the Woodies' past.


Lots to talk about and a display of craftsmanship.


MC Mark Barraclough directed guests to the food!

Speech time.

Malcolm looked after the beverages.

Pam Lee had the honour of cutting the birthday cake.
Pam's husband Don was patron of the club from 1988 - 2013 and an honorary member form 2008-2013.
The cake,a Belgian chocolate almond cake with mixed berries was made by Ann Salmon.

Mark Barraclough presented Peter McDowell with a certificate of appreciation for being the driving force and energy behind the extensions to the club workshop.

Paul Biddlestone and Liz Innes each received a memento of the occasion.

Paul represented the Bay Soldiers Club ,one of the supporters of the Woodies and Liz Innes is Mayor of the Eurobodalla Shire.

Happy 30th Birthday Eurobodalla Woodies!!

Updated : January 2021