The Road to Recovery

Members have been meeting at other Woodies' workshops in order to keep on doing what we do best.Turn bits of wood into something beautiful, useful, or both!

Ron Green and Les Bamford can be seen in Dave Smith's workshop working their magic making trucks,trains etc.

Rhona commenced this project at the shed before the fires.


Now with the program in place for members to meet at other member's workshops Rhona was able to finish her Japanese inspired septic tank cover.

Jenny produced this puppet at a carving class by Jeff Dunne in Pambula.Jeff also does spoons if you're interested.

COVID19 Restrictions

Members are now unable to meet at all to work together so everyone is going it alone with magic results!

Peter McDowell has been busy making things for our next sales day whenever that may be!

Barry Fenning has done an amazing job of re birthing the Jet lathe recovered from the ashes of the workshop!
Love the colour. It shouts,'I'm back!'

Barry has also been keeping busy making a variety of items ready for our next sales day.



Greg Smith has always said he would like to make a didgeridoo. Here it is!
Now all he has to do is find someone to give him lessons!


Sharyn Morrison has turned her hand to mosaics. Great result Sharyn!


While Sharyn turned to mosaic Susanne took up a paint brush.

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