Workshop Talks

Before the fire members gave workshop talks on a regular basis ,to the membership about all sorts of topics relevant to the safe operation of equipment in the work space as well as tips on the use of the many machines ,hand tools etc and how to maintain them.

Hand Tools - planes and spoke shaves
Eric Simes

As a boat builder Eric has acquired expertise in the use of all manner of hand tools. On this occasion he showcased the club's collection of planes both big and small as well as spoke shaves and educated the members on their use and purpose.

All of these tools were badly damaged/destroyed, by the extreme heat of the fire. However due to the expertise and patience of a  few, very skilled members, many have been re-birthed.


Hand tools in general are a mystery to many however it is hoped that by showing members how and when to use our hand tool resources members might increase their skills and the quality of their projects.

First Aid
Susanne Page

So far this year the First Aid Officer, Susanne Page, has given instruction on what to do for a wound,a burn and an amputation.




When the Guild took delivery of the AED that was purchased with a donation from local clubs  Susanne gave a talk to the members of the Guild as well as representatives of MATAMA and the Gold Rush Colony workers.
With the help of a 'Resusci Ann' and Michael Barkley, Susanne explained what AED stood for,what it does and when and how to use it.
By the end of the talk those present decided they could do a pretty good job of assisting someone experiencing a cardiac arrest.


The AED was secured to a common wall in a space shared by the Woodcraft Guild and the MATAMA members.
Workers of the Gold Rush Colony and the general public had access to the AED if needed.
This valuable piece of equipment was in a space that was locked up when the colony is not operating.

Unfortunately this too was incinerated.The club will need to replace this resource when we have our new premises.