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Special Interest Groups

If you're interested in working wood, then you're probably interested in working wood better! Chances are there might be a Special Interest Group representing your interest. If there isn't then talk to the Committee so something can be arranged!

Current SIGs include:

  • Pen making

  • Tool sharpening
  • Basic Wood Working Techniques
  • Carving
  • Box making

  • Marquetry

  • Making Dovetails


A Lesson in Marquetry
by Kotolin Sellai

Concentration and precision cutting a must.

Tool Sharpening
with John Tanner

Everyone needs to know how to sharpen and maintain their tools and
John Tanner is just the person to demonstrate the correct method of sharpening turning tools.

Here he has a most attentive group of experienced and inexperienced members.

Pen Turning
with Malcolm Mc Donald

Ann and Trevor have a go.      

Ann has a finished pen and a new skill.

Dovetail joints using the table router
with Cyril Elliot

Woodie members are always willing to share their knowledge and skill. Below is Cyril providing tuition to the lady members of the club on how to use the bench router to make dovetail joints.

Ann looks on while Linda concentrates.

Box making

in memory of Art Keeler

When anyone needed to know how to make a quality box Art Keeler was the member to go to.

At monthly meetings the club members bring in items for show and tell. Above left is one of Art's magnificent boxes and on the right he can be seen explaining how he achieved such a beautiful result.

Ann was one of many who had the privilege of having Art show them how to make a quality box.
His advice will never be forgotten by all those who sought to take advantage of his knowledge.
We will miss Art and his attention to detail, his love of and his skill with hand tools.

Basic Wood Working Techniques
with Eric Simes

As an Architect and boat builder extraordinaire Eric knows the value of making working drawings of a project.
He also knows the value of being able to use hand tools.
Over the last couple of weeks under Eric's tutelage Ann,David,Dana,Nick and Sharyn have made
a saw horse/trestle using hand tools. 



Final step. Making sure the whole thing doesn't wobble.
 Eric shows David how to
even up the legs.

footnote : all of Eric's pupils went home with a functional saw horse.

Show and tell at the October monthly meeting

Ann Salmon and Nick Stone decided to pretty up their trestles with warnings from members that if they are going to use them for their primary purpose they won't look pretty for long!


Dana is interested in learning to carve. JJ has been giving advice and tips as she progresses.

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  Updated: 19th April 2018