Welcome to the Eurobodalla Woodcraft Guild (Woodies) site.

On New Years Eve 2019, our premises,all materials and equipment were destroyed by the Mogo firestorm.
For about 10 years prior, we had been kindly hosted by the Original Gold Rush Colony at Mogo.
Sadly the Colony was also severely damaged as was much of the greater Mogo area itself.

We sincerely thank the colony owner, Maureen Nathan and Managers,Georgina Jackson and Corey Peterson, as well as their staff, for allowing us to share their beautiful environs and have such a productive collaboration for so long.

Since the fires we have been busy seeking a new location and funding to enable our reconstruction.We are keen to keep our members together and engaged.To this end we have held regular Executive and General meetings since early this year.

We have received a range of donated used/as new tools,wood and machinery. See the Our Supporters page. Our biggest 'good problem to have' was where to put it all.Thanks to generous donations and offers we have been able to purchase and take advantage of ,storage space for the interim .

Since the COVID-19 contagion and accompanying restrictions there has of course been restricted face-to-face interaction between members. However, we remain highly interactive,at a safe distance,through the marvels of technology.
We're looking forward to getting through this latest challenge safely,looking after each other and continuing to work hard to secure a new home,buildings and equipment.

Below is the link to our Go Fund Me page if you or anyone you know would like to assist our recovery with a donation.

You can make your donation by clicking on the link below.


Below is a glimpse of the aftermath of the New Years Eve fire which has left the Guild homeless.

About the Club

The aims of the club are to :

* Foster an interest in the artistic merits of fine woodworking, especially with young people in the local community

* Organise and/or participate in educational events to improve the skill levels of those interested in the craft of woodworking

* Use our woodcraft skills and equipment to benefit local charities and community groups

* Provide a forum for mutual advice, help and problem-solving for members.



The Guild is a non profit organisation whose activities include:

* Making toys for under-privileged children which are donated to various organisations at Christmas

 * Providing woodcrafts to aid fund raising for other charitable organisations, e.g. provision of items for raffles

 * Providing educational lectures and demonstrations, and where appropriate, inviting neighbouring woodworking and other iinterested   community  groups to participate

  * Producing and selling woodwork items in order to accumulate funds for the purchase of materials and woodworking equipment to assist in meeting the Guild’s objectives and activities.

                                                               Contacts             President :     Helmut Delrieux 4478681                                                              
Secretary :     Eric Simes 0418655588
                                                                                Treasurer       Peter McDowell  0428428856                                                                                                                                                      Assistant Treasurer :     Peter Brotherton  0409737255   

 email us :

 PO Box 1186 Batemans Bay 2536
ABN 13 962 346 892



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